Participants who have completed this course will be able to

  • Provide first aid skills to administer effective first aid in the workplace

  • Deal with first aid emergencies, assess and treat injuries and illnesses.

  • Maintain care and comfort to the patient until medical treatment can be provided.

  • To comply with occupational Health and Safety Legislation.


Overview of Course

    First Aid Response or FAR is PHECC’s newest education and training standard. It’s a foundation first aid course that trains course participants to provide first aid for a person who becomes suddenly unwell or injured until the arrival of emergency medical services. FAR includes the full Cardiac First Response Community standard also. 

    A first aid responder may be a healthcare practitioner or a member of the public who has undertaken a First Aid Response course. The first aid responder will be taught how to assess and manage patients in accordance with the PHECC FAR standard and clinical practice guidelines (CPGs). 

    This course is also recognised by the Health and Safety Authority for the workplace.



    To provide the learners the with the knowledge and skills deal with life threatening emergencies, provide treatment and to provide basic first aid.



    3 Days


    Maximum Number of Candidates 

    Maximum of 6 learners per course


    Course Content

    • First Aid in the workplace.

    • Patient Assessment

    • Respiratory emergencies

    • Cardiac First Responser (incl. CPR & use of AED)

    • Wounds and bleeding

    • Altered levels of consciousness

    • Musculoskeletal injuries

    • Burns, scalds, poisons, chemicals and electric shock



    An assessmnet takes place at the end of the third day.

    There are two parts – particiapants complete a multiple choice exam paper and undertake two skill assessments. 

    In order to be successful, participants must achive a mark of 80% or higher of each element of the assessment. 



    Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council First Aid Response (FAR) Certificate. 

    PHECC First Aid Response Certificate is valid for 2 years.

    A two day PHECC FAR refresher course must be taken every two years to remain in certification. 



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