Participants who have completed this course will be able to

  • Recognise a load which is too heavy or awkward.
  • Understand the limitations of the spine and muscular system.
  • Lift and handle loads safely.


Who should attend?

All employees involved in Manual Handling.

This course will satisfy your organisations training obligations under the 2007 General Applications, Part 2 Chapter 4 Manual Handling Regulations.



Approx. 3 Hours and based on risk assessment.


Maximum Number of Candidates 

10 - 12 Maximum per trainer


Course Content 

  • Information on the law relating to manual handling.

  • Information on the anatomy and biomechanics of the spine and muscles.

  • How injuries and damage take place from manual handling.

  • Guidance on the fitness for the task.

  • Information on the specific manual handling hazards identified.

  • Information on good handling techniques and practice.

  • Instruction on P.P.E.

  • Instruction on keeping the workplace safe.

  • Co-operation of employees



The company will receive a letter confirming the attendance of the employees along with their individual Manual Handling Assessment Form. 

Certificate valid for three years


*Please note we do not hold public courses in this course.



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